Tuesday, September 15, 2009

5 Month Weight Checks.....

So, I just got a call from my Mother in Law that they just left the doctor's office with the girls.  The girls had a quick 5 month weight check this morning with the nurse.  Terry has never attempted a doctor's appointment by his self, so he called in his Mom for re-enforcements.  It truly is a lot of work to get two munchkins ready to go to the doctor.  They need to be dressed, fed and loaded into the car, Drive to the office, Put the stroller together, load two kids carseats into the stroller, go in for appointment.  Undress both kids and wait for the nurse.  Redress both kiddos, load them back into their carseats & back into the car.  Put the stroller back in the car and return home.  Unload two kiddos from the car, take them inside and remove from carseats.  Breathe...... It may not seem like a lot, but it's a full work out.  So I totally do not blame Terry for asking his Mom to help out.

Anyway,  It's so hard to believe that my girls turned 5 months old on Sunday.  Man how time flies.  They are both getting so big right before our eyes.  Last night while we were trying to stall their bedtime feeding a little bit, I was holding both girls.  I told Terry that I was having trouble deciding who weighed more.  Well, there was a good reason why I couldn't decide.  Both girls topped out the scales today at 9 pounds 13 ounces.  Addison is 22 1/4 inches long and Alexis is 21 3/4 inches long.  The doctor seems to think that both girls are going to be very tall ladies.  Their length is why we have had to officially move up to 3-6 month clothes.  They are a little baggy around the tummy area but they fit them lengthwise.  And both girls are now wearing Size 1 diapers.  It's so hard to believe that just a few months ago they were wearing preemie diapers that swallowed them up.  I know I said this before but Man how time flies!!!

Addison has a follow up head ultrasound on Thursday so please send out some extra prayers that everything continues to look well with her cute little noggin'  :-)


Elizabeth said...

Way to go!!! They are getting big. I don't remember why or how I started reading your blog. I have 7 month old twin girls. We are just still wearing 0-3 month clothes..your girls are very long!!!! Yes going to the doctor by yourself is hard!!! So nice to have help.

Robin said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for a good u/s for your girl.

Awesome weight gain! They are doing so awesome...!