Monday, September 14, 2009


Let me first start by telling you a little story...  About a week ago Terry calls me at work and said "Alexis just said I Love You!".  He was pretty excited and sure that she was talking to him.  I pretty much laughed it off and told him that he was nuts.  I get home that night and he is holding Alexis and he says, "Say I Love You".  Alexis proceeds to respond with "dah, blah, gah".  She wasn't actually physically saying I Love You but she definitely was mimicking what Terry was saying. 

So, this leads to my actually story.  Friday night, I called Terry on my way home from work.  He told me that Courtney (our neighbor's daughter, she's 14) had come over to play with the girls.  They have been a huge help to us!!  Anyway, he tells me that Addison just said "HI".  Again, I kind of laughed at him thinking that he is imagining things once again.  He tells me that she said it 4 times and that Courtney heard it too.  So, I get home and he tells Addison to say hi.  And sure enough, out of her delicate little mouth comes the sweetest little "HI".  She said it another 2 times for Terry and once for me.  Over the weekend she has said it several more times.  She gets a huge smile on her face after she does it like she has just accomplished something she's been trying to do for awhile.  It's so adorable!! 

Saturday we decided that since it was a beautiful day outside that we would pack up the girls and head out to the soccer park to watch our nieces soccer games.  The girls were so great!  No melt downs, no crying, I think they just were enjoying the fresh air outside and the change of atmosphere.  On our way home Terry and I were contemplating what we were going to do for dinner.  Neither of us were in the mood to cook but we also weren't in the mood for any fast food.  Terry said that he really has been craving blueberry pancakes from Cracker Barrell.  We both looked at each other as if we were both thinking the same thing....."You think we can take the kids to Cracker Barrell?"  So we decided to give it a try.  Terry went in and made sure that it wasn't going to be a long wait before we unloaded the girls from the car.  He came back outside and said that there was no wait.  He got us a table in the back corner just in case the girls started melting down.  Both girls did phenomenal!!  Addison sat in her car seat the whole time and played with her hanging rattle thing that hangs from her car seat handle.  Alexis on the other hand was only content in her car seat for a few minutes.  She does not like to be in her car seat if she is not moving.  She will literally scream if we are stopped at a stop light for too long.  She sat on my lap most of the time and just was checking everything out.  It was very nice for us to accomplish our first sit down dinner with the girls with no major issues.  To a lot of people this may not seem like a big deal, but it's a lot of work to load up two kids and manage to sit in a restaurant for over an hour without one of them screaming.  We were very excited to have accomplished that and we are starting to get a little braver about attempting more outings.  Stay tuned to see what we do next....
Onto my diaper issue that I posted last week.  Just to clarify.... Alexis was wearing a Pampers Swaddler Size 1 to bed and it was still leaking.  Umm, yes the comment made by the Pampers Lady did totally freak me out.  But good to know that they are out there helping people I guess?  I did a little online research and decided to try some Pampers Baby Dry diapers.  Ok, wow!!  I bought a package at Target on Friday evening.  I got home and almost laughed because the diapers seemed a lot thinner than a regular Pampers Swaddler.  But I decided to try it anyway and to my surprise, they actually worked.  So for now our problem is solved.  Thank you to everyone for your suggestions!

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Robin said...

Wooohoo for Cracker Barrel!! Freedom! You can go out again! I'm so glad the trip went well. That is a mega confidence booster.

That's awesome that Addison says hi! Such a great beginning to communication..! How exciting! They will both be saying I love you for real soon!