Sunday, February 21, 2010


Stop leaving your cell phone in areas where little hands can get ahold of it!!!!

Two weeks ago I had to purchase a new cell phone because it unknowingly fell out of my pocket and little tiny hands (aka Alexis Faith) picked it up and started chewing on it.  When I finally got it back in my possession, it looked as if a Saint Bernard had slobbered all over it.  The water damage was beyond repair.

This evening I placed my phone on the back of the coffee table.  I seriously thought that it was out of reach.  I walked away to start getting the girls bedtime food ready and I started to hear some giggling.  I knew they were up to no good!  Sure enough, Alexis was showing Addison how she had gotten her tiny little paws on my phone once again.  Luckily this time I think I caught it fast enough that I was able to dry it out with the help of my hair dryer.  Here's hoping I don't have to buy another phone!!  :-)  The girls have serious obsessions with phones of any type of course with the exception of their own toy cell phones.  They know the difference between the real thing and the not so real thing.  They also love the remote controls and their baby monitors....all things which slobber can do serious damage too.

As my husband says, I have no one to blame but myself! 


Robin said...

hahaha..! How do they know the difference? Allison was the same way. I even gave her a real cell phone, old one without service of course, but she still wanted mine all the time!

Lisa said...

Chloe Jo loves my cell phone, too. She has called her Daddy all by herself (so glad she didn't call China). She always tries to get the remote. I can't get her to stop!