Friday, February 5, 2010

The SWEETEST sound!!

Our girls have been doing the baby talk for a long time now.  You know....the typical goo goo gah gah baby babble.  On numerous occasions while I would be getting ready for work, I would hear the girls babbling to each other in their cribs.  It was so sweet!!  Over the last few days Alexis and Addison both have been popping out with an occasion Da Da.  Last Sunday was filled with Alexis constantly saying Da Da at least 100 times during the day.  Every time I hear a Da Da, I follow it with a Ma Ma.  Alexis thinks that is funny and Addison just stares at me like I'm nuts. 

Well, yesterday when I got home from work, I greeted the girls in my normal fashion and Alexis looks up at me with her big brown eyes and a huge smile on her face and says Ma Ma.  It totally melted my heart!!

I played with the girls for a bit and then went upstairs to prep for our Valentine's pictures (stay tuned to see!).  When I returned downstairs, Addison saw me from around the corner and yelled Ma Ma.  Talk about making me cry some major happy tears!!!  This morning I was giving the girls hugs & kisses before I left for work.  As I started to walk away, Alexis looks at me and says Ma Ma Ma Ma.  Talk about making it super hard to leave for work!!!

I continue to be truly amazed at our girl's progress!  When I was putting away some things in the girls memory boxes last weekend I pulled out the hospital bands that were placed around their ankles on Day 1.  WOW!!  I need to post pictures of them next to a quarter so you can see the size in perspective.  The circle that the band created was smaller than the size of a quarter.  They have come so far and we are truly blessed that they continue to thrive.  Who knew that when they told us Addison would never leave the hospital or that she would never use the left side of her body, that she would be the mastermind behind the trouble the girls have been up to lately (a posting for another time)?

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Robin said...

Wow... what a nice post. And an AWESOME sound. I would give anything to hear that!!

Your girls really have done so well. It is totally amazing and awesome. I can't wait to see the Valentine's pictures!!!!!