Monday, March 15, 2010

11 Months!

Our darling girls turned 11 months this past Saturday.  How in the world is this possible already?  I can't believe that a year of our lives has flown by so quickly.  Everyone was always telling us to enjoy them being little because before you know it, they will be grown.  It just doesn't seem right that we are around the corner from their first birthday.  They are becoming so grown up and turning into little people right before our eyes. 

This may not seem like a major milestone to most, but the girls took their first bath in their own bath tub last night.  WOW!!!  This makes things SO much easier for us.  I can't explain how much work and how exhausting it is to wash two majorly squirmy girls in the kitchen sink.  It amazes me that within just a few months we have gone from the little plastic bathtub, to the kitchen sink and now to their bathroom tub in their own bathroom.  The girls LOVE to splash.  As Terry will tell me, I have no one to blame for the excessive splashes but myself.  I taught them how to do it when I was trying to get them to enjoy bath time.  Now water is everywhere and it's such a big mess, but I love every minute of it, and so do they!!!  They both spent almost 20 minutes playing with their bath toys in the tub and splashing each other.  We did learn very quickly that we need to invest in a bath mat and a faucet guard.  Hoorah for little milestones!!!

So what are the girls up to lately?  Here are some quick stats:

Addison Grace
  • No official weight but I'm guessing around 16 pounds.
  • She has found her voice this month.  I was starting to worry because she wasn't as chatty as Alexis but Addison babbles away all the time now.  Nothing that amounts to any words but she gets her point accross.
  • Still wearing size 2 diapers and size 3 at night.
  • Wears 6 month clothes.  An occasional 9 month outfit will slip in since she is so long.
  • Loves to be outside and take walks in the stroller.
  • Loves to eat Gerber Puffs and bang on her tray when she's eating.  Basically she loves to bang on anything.
  • Is a super fast crawler and will walk as long as she is holding onto something.
  • Give high fives.
  • Give's the sweetest kisses.  But won't give you a hug.
  • Still sleeps well, but likes to wake her sister up in the morning.  I think she thinks that if she is awake everyone else should be as well.  Most mornings when I go to get her out of her crib she is standing up, yelling at her sister accross the room.  She generally sleeps from 8:00pm to 7:45am with one nap in the afternoon.
  • LOVES LOVES LOVES to bounce.  One day recently I had her sitting on my leg.  I started to bounce her and she went nuts with excitement.  When I stopped she started to jump up and down as to tell me to keep bouncing her.  Now if i'm sitting on the floor she will crawl up in my lap and start jumping until I bounce her.
  • Still has the most beautiful blue eyes and her hair is getting really long and curly.

Alexis Faith

  • No official weight but I'm guessing about 17 pounds.
  • Says Ma Ma & Da Da and what I think is Tat (Cat).  
  • Now wears size 3 diapers all the time because her belly is too chubby for a size 2.  
  • Wears size 6 month clothing.
  • Loves her Daddy and is definitely a Daddy's girl through and through.  
  • Will eat just about anything but isn't much of a morning person.  Breakfast takes her a little while to eat.  She doesn't mind the food she just needs some extra time in the morning to process things. 
  • Crawls very well, walks all over the place as long as she is holding onto something, has started to stand up without assistance, and has taken a few unassisted steps prompting an immediate fall onto her tush.  I've been saying for awhile that she will be walking soon, but nothing yet.
  • Sleeps like a rock!  Generally also sleeps from 8:00pm to 7:45am with one nap in the afternoon.  She always fights her naps but once she is out she will sleep through just about anything.
  • Gives high fives and lots of them.  If you ask her to give you five you better be prepared for about 20-25 fives because she loves it.
  • Loves playing "where's Alexis".  Usually in the evening when we are getting ready for bed I will take off her shirt and put it on her head.  I proceed to say "where's Alexis" and she will pull the shirt off her head and giggle uncontrollably.  Super cute!
Again, the girls continue to amaze me on a daily basis.  We have a VERY well oiled routine in our house.  In my opinion, having multiples requires routines to help build consistancy and structure.  I was again very anxious about adjusting the girls to day light savings time.  A fifteen minute adjustment on Friday night in preparation, a 15 minute adjustment on Saturday night and 30 minute adjustment on Sunday evening and we are all set.  Once again, I stressed myself out for nothing.  We are so blessed to have two beautiful and healthy baby girls.  Not a day goes by that I don't think God for everything that HE has given me.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe the girls are almost 1--holy cow! I think you and Terry should go out and celebrate surviving the first year (that's what Steve and I did on Michael's 1st b-day : ).
A tip for the splashing in the tub that I'm stealing from a friend--she has a clear shower curtain and a fabric one, so when the kids want to splash, she closes the clear one so she can still see them while also keeping the water in the tub. I realize you might have to wait a little bit before you feel comfortable doing that with the girls, but it's an idea that might help contain the mess. We end up with soaked floors, walls, toilets, etc when Michael takes a bath so I'm going to implement the idea. I just wish I'd heard about it earlier!
Megan Bach

Robin said...

Janet you are doing such a good job! You are right... routines are sooo important!!