Monday, March 1, 2010

Pancakes and Eggs!

At our last visit to the pediatrician she advised us that we really need to work on getting the girls to eat more solid foods.  She advised us to proceed slowly but to start the process.  The girls have no issues with their baby food but when it comes to solid foods they like to swallow things whole.  Over the past few weeks we have been working with the Gerber Puffs to help the girls learn how to chew, versus swallowing things whole.  This took a few days.  Both girls weren't sure at first and we did have a couple of choking scares.  Now "puffies", as we call them are no big deal to the girls.  So we have decided to branch out a little.  First off, banana pieces.  Addison loved them, Alexis not so much.  Mashed potatoes with a few tiny lumps....Alexis loved them and Addison not so much. 

Saturday Terry was still asleep when I was giving them their lunch at Noon.  Yes, I'm so jealous of his ability to sleep whenever and wherever!!  Around eleven I decided I wanted some scrambled eggs so on a whim, I decided to add and extra egg for the girls.  No, I didn't add cheese or salt to theirs like I did my own.  Just plain old scrambled eggs.  I put the girls in their high chairs and gave them each a few of their Gerber Puffs and a few tiny pieces of eggs.  Man you would have thought the girls hadn't eaten in weeks the way they snatched up those eggs.  They both were unsure of the taste at first but after awhile they were loving them.  Terry came downstairs in the middle of their "feeding frenzy" (which we call lunch time around our place) and was shocked to see the girls eating scrambled eggs and actually enjoying them. 

Sunday morning I again decided to make breakfast.  Two days in a row is good for me!  Since having the girls I really only make big meals on the weekends.  It seems like our week day meals consist of something frozen or quick to make!!  I asked Terry what he wanted and he replied with sausage and pancakes.  Easy enough!  I whipped up some pancakes and sausage and Terry and I sat down at the kitchen table to eat.  Alexis started screaming because she couldn't see us.  She's going through this weird phase where she has to be able to see one of us at all times.  So, I took my plate and sat on the couch so Alexis would be content.  Addison immediately pulled herself into a standing position holding onto the couch.  She grabbed for my plate.  UGH!  I wasn't quick enough and she got a handful of syrup and was rubbing it in her hair.  NICE!!  Terry replies while laughing at me cleaning syrup out of her hair....."Maybe she wants some pancakes".  I kind of just laughed at him and shot him a dirty look for making a smart remark but the more I thought about it, the more I thought "why can't they have some pancakes"?  It was almost lunch time so we put the girls in their chairs and I grabbed a pancake and gave the girls a few pieces.  Again, they scarffed up those pancake pieces as if they hadn't eaten in days.  They seriously loved their pancakes.  They probably would have eaten more if I would have let them, but I did want them to eat their vegetables as well.

I have to say that the girls come by their love of breakfast food very honestly.  Terry and I both LOVE breakfast.  Many times when we go out for dinner we order breakfast for an evening meal.  So why should we be surprised that our kids would be any different? 

We are still looking for other small, soft foods to help the girls work on their chewing and swallowing.  Any suggestions???  Suprisingly the Gerber Yogurt Melts were not a hit!  They both hated them and have choked on them on numerous occasions.


Lisa said...

I give Chloe Jo refried beans and rice when we go to eat Mexican food. She also loves scrambled eggs, pancakes, french toast and cherios. We also like to feed her spaghetti and lasagna which she loves! Mandarin oranges are also a big hit. But, she's never had a real problem with chewing so I'm not to worried about that anymore.

Christina said...

Have you tried making sweet potato fries? I have a friend that gives those to her little girl and she loves them.

Anonymous said...

How about chunks of avocado? Michael loved that and actually still does. He also liked small bits of grilled cheese, noodles, black beans, blueberries, corn, peas, small bits of hardboiled eggs (since the girls liked the scrambled ones), cut up pieces of cooked sweet potatoes that I also sprinkled with cinnamon to add a little more flavor, etc. We just cut up whatever we were eating unless it was an allergy concern. The kid eats anything at this point so it's hard to remember what he loved at the start. Hopefully these suggestions will help though! I know it's kind of scary watching them gag a little bit at first, but it gets better with practice, I promise!
Megan Bach