Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just some stuff....

I thought I would post a couple of the random videos that we have taken of the girls recently. The first would be Miss Alexis. She is all about the walking lately and checking everything out. A few nights ago, we took the girls outside to play. We thought that since it was a nice evening we would lay a blanket out on the lawn and play with their bubbles and their bubble blower that they got from Terry's Mom for their birthday. Alexis liked the bubbles but was more interested in checking out everything outside, like the mulch in the flower bed, the mailbox, the sidewalk, pulling grass.....pretty much everything except playing ON the blanket. Here's a video of her exploring....please ignore her Einstein/Don King hair do...(we are in discussions regarding haircuts, which is a blog post for another time).

Addison has also decided that she is finally ready to start walking. Every since our little sunshine was born, she has always done things when "SHE" is ready. She has been practicing with her walker toy that she got from her Uncle Keith, Aunt Veronica and her cousins for her birthday. Yes, the cat has been run over on more than one occasion. Here is a video of her with her walking toy.

Addison is walking more and more everyday. I would say, probably 15 steps at the most. But she really is getting the hang of it. I FINALLY was able to capture her walking on camera this evening. Every time that I grab for the camera it seems like she immediately stops walking and starts to crawl again. Here is a video of her with her walking in our kitchen.

Here are a couple of random pictures from this evening:

Alexis wishing she was taller so she can reach whatever is on the top shelf.

Alexis just after I told her to leave Mommy's wine alone!

Addison says, "I'm taller sissy, maybe I can help you reach what's on the top shelf."

Addison, thinking that she's getting away with something.

And a BIG birthday shout out from the girls!  They are wishing their cousin Luke a HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY TODAY!!  These aren't the best pictures, but it was the best I could do!

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Lisa said...

Very cute videos and pictures! You have such sweet little girls!