Monday, March 7, 2011

We're going Streaking!!

Have you ever seen the movie Old School?  It's one of mine and Terry's favorites.  Remember when Will Ferrell yells, "We're going streaking! Through the quad and into the gymnasium.  Come on everybody!"?? 

Well this is my current dilemma.....My dear sweet Addison has become a streaker!  During the day she will not keep a shirt on.  Every morning when I get her up she has taken off her footed pj's and her diaper, and is standing in her crib completely nude.  She has the biggest smile on her face like she is super proud of herself.  I've tried different pj's thinking maybe she was getting too warm in the footed ones.  Nope, didn't work.

Until yesterday afternoon, she hadn't pee'd while running around diaper'less.  I went to get the girls up from their naps and Addison once again was buck naked sporting a huge smile in her crib.  She had pee'd all over her bed, blanket, pillow and her two stuffed animals.  When I ask her why she did it she looked at me and put her hands in the air and said, "what just happened?"  This is the same response I get every time I ask her why she has taken off her shirt.  Terry always yells "we're going streaking" every time he sees her running around naked.  Maybe we are a little lax in our parenting style, but if you been through everything we have, you have no choice other than to keep things light and laugh about the small stuff!

Anyone have any suggestions as to how I can keep my sweet little Addison from exposing herself to the world?  I don't mind her running around naked when we are at home, I just can't have her going diaper'less.  I've tried putting the diapers on backwards that doesn't work.  I've tried safety pinning her zipper to her shirt so she can't unzip her pj's, that doesn't work.  My little Houdini manages to figure out how to escape her clothing no matter what I do.  Even overalls don't work.

I've also been told by several parents with toddlers that this is her way of telling me that she is ready for potty training.  This is not the case!!!  She wants nothing to do with the potty.  I will not force this issue and will let my girls decide when they are ready.  Just like with everything else since they were born, they will let me know when they are ready.  I will do some encouraging, but I will not force them.  She screams when you sit her on the toilet or on any of our three different types of potty chairs.  She takes her diaper off regardless of whether it is bone dry or wet, so I'm not sure I agree with that assessment.  I've never claimed to be a parenting expert so If you have any suggestions or ideas, I'm all ears!!

On a side note.....Yesterday when we were changing the sheets on Addison's bed, I told Terry that we might as well wash Alexis' as well.  I was changing the girls diapers while Terry put on new sheets.  Alexis was walking around the room holding her stuffed cow and proclaiming "mooooo"  "mooooo".  I told her "Good job honey, a cow does say moo".  Then she started "baaa'ing" (you know the noise a sheep makes).  I told her that the cow says "moo" not "baaa".  She started "baaa'ing" even louder.  I kept telling her that there was no sheep in her room and that she was being silly.  She kept getting louder and louder.  I asked her to show me where the sheep was.  She walked right over to the mattress that Terry was holding, pointed to the sheep on the mattress tag, looked at me and yelled "BAAA" as if she was saying,  I told you so and you are an idiot not to believe me!  The girls have Serta mattresses in their cribs and on the mattress tag is a picture of a sheep....You know the sheep that you count when you can't fall asleep.  It was actually pretty comical, but I'm fairly certain that Alexis cursed me under her breath for not believing her. 


Lisa said...

ROFL about Alexis and the sheep!

I have no clue what to do for a child who won't keep her clothes on. CJ HATES to be undressed unless she is in the bath.

Lisa said...

I had a thought about the streaking...would she be able to get a pull-up off? The Huggies Pull-Ups are velcro on the sides and are pretty easy to undo, but the Pampers Easy-Ups sides have to be torn to get them off. Of course, this wouldn't work if she can pull her own pants down. Just an idea, though.