Monday, November 12, 2012


The weather here in Indiana has gotten REALLY cold really fast.  I'm always looking for new ideas to keep my super active kiddos entertained while indoors.  While in our basement searching for something I saw the girls house that Aunt Paula had gotten them for their birthday.  Their cardboard house has taken a beating and was barely standing.  They loved this thing but it has definitely seen it's better days.  It's been drawn on with crayons and markers and probably has over 50 stickers on it.  I figured what better way to send it to the dumpster than covered in finger paint.  And what better way to spend a chilly afternoon indoors? 

I told the kiddos that after their naps we were going to my surprise our finger paint was gone?!?!?  We obviously have some kind of ghost in our house who makes numerous things disappear.  I grabbed the Ipad and googled homemade finger paint.  Every recipe called for corn starch....which I did not have.  I was able to find one recipe that called for kool-aid, flour, salt, oil and water.  It served it's purpose but I will not be using it again.  I will make sure that I have corn starch in the pantry!!

It was rather thick, no matter how much water I put in it.

The girls were excited to paint but kept asking me where the paint brushes were because they didn't want to get their hands messy. 

Here they are hard at work:

After a little convincing....I talked Addison into painting with her hands.

Alexis resorted to painting her hand with the paintbrush and then making "prints".

I thought I had taken a photo of the finished project before it hit the garbage can, but I guess I didn't.  The finger paint was a big hit with the girls but wasn't what I had hoped.  It took more than 24 hours to dry and the color was not as vibrant as I had hoped.  Trial and error, I guess!  The good thing about it was, it didn't stain their hands or their clothing and we all had a great time doing it.

Would love to hear your ideas and/or recipes for homemade items and crafts to do with kiddos!!
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