Friday, November 9, 2012

The Wedding Weekend, Part Three....

The weather the weekend of Sandy's wedding was gorgeous!  They seriously could not of asked for a better weekend to get hitched!  This is the last post about the wedding weekend...I promise!  :-)

Sunday afternoon Sandy and Mike met over at my parents house to open their gifts and count their loot!  My Mom made a small lunch spread but it was too beautiful to sit inside and eat.  We all decided to hang out outside on the picnic tables.  This also allowed for the kiddos to play and run around outside.
Love their "day after" shirts.

My girls did this with their Cousin Luke for hours.  Only to result in me having to run out and by some benadryl for Addison that night.  Her arms welted up with hives.  Nothing major, but the whole process of trying to buy benadryl in the meth capital of the world (my hometown) was enough to drive anyone crazy!

Monday's weather was not nearly as nice.  We had planned on going to a few local parks but the rain and storms that morning did not allow.  Later in the afternoon it did clear up for a couple of hours....just long enough for us to run off some excess energy....

Alexis thought this goat was a riot! 

Love this photo!  The fall colors were so beautiful this weekend!

Feeding the ducks!

Playing on the playground!

Getting kisses from Gramma!

And for whatever reason they thought walking on this ledge was really fun!

We all had a great extended weekend but we were definitely ready to get back home and get back on our schedule.

Congrats again to Sandy and Mike!!!

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