Monday, November 5, 2012


I love looking back at the photos we take every year of the girls.  It once again reminds me of how far they have come and how blessed we truly are.  Halloween 2008 was the day we got the phone call that confirmed we were officially pregnant.  I will never forget that day or the look on Terry's face. 

This year the girls were hot dog and ketchup. 

A fellow preemie mommy asked me how we decided who was going to be what.  Alexis just kind of decided when the costumes were delivered that she was going to be the hot dog and luckily Addison went along with it.

My pictures this year aren't that great because my kiddos were so excited to get outside and say "trick or treat smell my feet".....yes, their Dad's influence, not mine!

Unfortunately, the weather on Halloween evening was very chilly.  We didn't stay out for too long.  Just long enough for the girls to tell me that their pumpkins were getting too heavy.

Getting ready to go outside! Barely able to stand still for this picture.

The girls were really into ringing the doorbells this year.  I was having trouble keeping track of whose turn it was to ring the bell.

One last attempt to get a good photo.

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