Monday, June 10, 2013

Strawberry Picking....

This past Saturday (June, 8th, 2013) we made our annual trip to Spencer Farm to pick strawberries.  My girls absolutely love doing this....and I got to admit, there is nothing like homemade strawberry jelly made with berries straight from the patch. 

Between the four of us we picked nearly 18 pounds of berries.  We now have 10 pints of strawberry jelly in the freezer, and 8 large bowls of strawberries frozen to enjoy throughout the year.  Just like last year, Terry and I both agreed that it was a good thing that they didn't weigh the girls before entering the patch and then after we were done.  I know for certain Addison ate more than she placed in her box.  Alexis doesn't enjoy the berries as much, but still ate her share. 

At one point, Addison just sat down and started eating berries.

Love my little peanut.

Showing me their berries.

The girls were competing between themselves to see who could find the biggest one.  Addison was convinced she had one.  Here they are showing me their biggest berry.

The berries were/are great this year.  We must of hit the peak of the season because they are dynamite!    I love that this has become an annual tradition in our house.....although, I will admit that if I don't see another strawberry for awhile, I'm ok with that! 

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