Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The little things....

This morning the girls awoke unusually early.  Most days I am finished getting ready before they wake up.  As I finished getting ready they were sitting at the kitchen table drawing pictures.  Addison handed me a piece of paper and told me that she drew a picture of me and her.  She told me to take it to work with me so that I didn't forget what she looked like while I was working.  As I finished packing my lunch, she told me that I could no longer take the picture to work with me.  She said she wanted to keep it so that she didn't forget what I looked like during the day.  She instructed me to take a picture with my phone so we both could look at it.  This little lady truly melts my heart.  While I'm grateful to have a job when so many are looking right now....this just adds another reason I hate being a working Mom...I feel like I miss out on so much.

I'm on the left because my eyes are darker than hers.  Love the logic of a four year old!!

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