Monday, October 12, 2009


After the Cardinals season ended so abruptly this weekend, I decided that it was time to start focusing on football!!!  We put the girls in their Colt's blue to watch the game!  Ok, so really the girls were in bed before the game even started and the outfits only lasted for a few minutes, but they still looked cute.  Unfortunately their dresses are still a little big and the turtleneck that goes under them was more of a chew toy for Alexis than an actual shirt.

Above is Addison doing her touchdown pose.

Addison sporting her Colts "blue".

Addison's new socks.

Alexis in her "blue".  She wasn't really enjoying it.

Alexis wouldn't stop chewing on her fingers long enough to pose for a picture.  She's cutting teeth pretty badly these days.  None yet, but we can surely see some white on the bottom!

Alexis's new socks!!


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Robin said...

I LOVE the touchdown pose!!! LOL

Soo cute..