Monday, October 19, 2009


While I have a lot to blog about from this past weekend and a ton of pictures to post, I wanted to ask a real quick question to get some feedback?  I will blog tomorrow about our crazy scary weekend!!

The girls have their 6 month physicals and immunizations today with the pediatrician.  I've spoke with the pedi about the H1N1 vaccination and she has both pro's and con's regarding the shot.  She has no strong feelings either way.  I've done a lot of research about the H1N1 vaccination and I'm on the fence about having the girls immunized for it.

I'd be curious to hear how everyone else feels, especially all my fellow parents of preemies out there.  Please leave me a comment or vote on my poll to the right.


Elizabeth said...

I decided that my twin girls are not getting it. I just think it has not been out long enough and they don't know enough about it. We did get the regular flu shot though...

Courtney said...

Please correct me if I'm wrong...but doesn't the flu shots still contain mercury? I would be concerned about giving the girls the shots at six months but at the same don't want them to come down with the flu. I would probably lean towards not getting the shots, but thankfully I don't have to make this decision since Henry is too young. Good luck deciding!