Friday, October 23, 2009


Terry and I are extremely grateful to everyone who continues to help us out.  To all of you who still bring over the occasional meal, or those who stop by and happen to have a package of diapers we can never thank you enough!!  Or those neighbors who pop over for 10 minutes to help us through bath time we will never be able to fully repay you.  We are also very grateful for Aunt Gretchen (Terry's sister) and Uncle Adam who also happen to have twin girls.  They continue to feed us all of their girls things when they are through with them.  Today's pictures happen to be our girls playing on the play mat given to us by Aunt Gretchen.  The girls really enjoy the bright colors and Addison really loves the different textures of the letters.  Addison loves to touch and feel everything.  Here are a few pictures:

Above:  Can you tell which munchkin this is??

Above:  HMM? Who is this picture of?  We had to get creative because the mat only has on "D".  We used the "U" and the "1" to create the second "D".

Above:  Addison in the brown flowered onesie, determined to pull out the letter "U".  And Alexis in the orange onesie.

Above:  Miss Addison, Is her hair going to be blond or red?  We don't know??  But I still love those little pouty lips!  You can't help but want to sqeeze her!!

Above:  Miss Alexis determined not to look directly at the camera.  She has the chubbiest little cheeks.  I just want to kiss them all the time!  She loves it when you kiss her and make loud kissing noises while doing it.  She definitely is just like her father, through and through!!!


Anonymous said...

Great pics! Their faces are so serious :D

Robin said...

The girls look so happy! :)