Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Yes, cheesy title I know....but it's hard to believe that one year ago I started blogging about our journey to have a baby (x2).  Looking back it's hard to believe that it's been a year.  Every shot, every doctor's appointment, every tear has all been TOTALLY worth it!!!  Who would have thought a year ago that we would be the proud parents of two beautiful healthy baby girls??

Big thanks to my Mom & sister Paula who came out to visit this past weekend.  We enjoyed some yummy BBQ on the grill to celebrate Mommy's birthday on Saturday.  They graciously baby-sat for us on Sunday so Terry and I could enjoy a brunch date.  We went to our favorite breakfast place in Fishers, Best Bet.  It's a poker themed breakfast/lunch restaurant.  It's a cheap, little hole in the wall place but we love it!!  Then Terry and I ran errands and just generally messed around doing nothing for a few hours.  It was nice to get away, but we also chatted about how we were missing the munchkins.

So, the girls have officially started chowing down on some cereal.  We started the cereal before bedtime routine about a little less than 3 weeks ago.  In the beginning, neither girl was that excited about it.  We started with just a couple of spoonfuls a day, and now they both are eating almost a small bowl every night before bed.  What a difference this makes with their sleeping habits!  We are so lucky that both girls sleep through the night (most nights).  Both girls are very messy eaters!!  I'm still working on trying to clean this up a little, but I'm not sure it's going to happen any time soon! 
See the below pictures.  Top is Alexis, Bottom is Addison.

Both kiddos still like to hang out on their boppys for tummy time every day.  They both manage to climb off of them but I think they generally still enjoy it.  Any day now, Alexis is going to take off.  She's been up on all fours for the last couple of days.  She's just about got the crawling thing down! 
See the below pics of the girls on their boppys.  Addison on top, Alexis on bottom.

Lately both girls have become very intrigued with each other.  Some days they will just lie on the floor staring at each other for several minutes.  They even babble back and forth like they are having a conversation, very cute!! 
See below picture of both girls. (Addison is the one whose face you can see)

As Halloween approaches us, the girls seem to be acquiring a lot of Halloween attire.  Unfortunately, Halloween is only one day, so we decided to start taking advantage of all the cute outfits that people have given us.  Yesterday the girls sported their "Happy Halloween" onesies from Old Navy.  Neither kiddo was very excited to have their picture taken. 

The below two pics are Alexis.  As you can see in picture #2, she wasn't having any part of picture
time with Mom & Dad.

The below three pictures are Addison.  I'm not sure what is going on in the third picture, but Terry seems to think that she is practicing her scary face for Halloween.

Stay tuned to see all our adorable Halloween attire!!


Lisa said...

I love the scary face!

Robin said...

Love it! What are they trick or treating as?