Monday, April 21, 2014

Birthday Post Part 3 of 3....

The girls actual birthday this year was on Sunday.  They were super excited that one of the egg hunts we attend every year happened to be on their birthday.  Alexis kept saying she was so lucky to have an egg hunt on her birthday.  So cute!!  Here are a few photos:

Hate that the sun was in their eyes.  Not that you can tell from this photo.

Photo with Ga Ga (Terry's Mom)

Photo with Pop Pop (Terry's step-dad)

Getting ready to go! 
The girls were too quick this year for me to get any great photos on my phone and Terry took off with the "real" camera forgetting to take pictures. 
After the egg hunt we had a couple of errands to run.  We dropped Dad off at home and did our errands.  While we were out, I asked the girls if they wanted to stop and get some ice cream.  Addison said "For real Mom, we can get ice cream right before dinner?"  I told them that it was their birthday and they could do whatever they wanted. 
My goof-balls love their ice cream!!

Terry and I got the girls new tablets for their birthday.  They love them and Mom loves the quiet time.  It seriously amazes me how much they are able to do on a computer already.  Don't worry, these things are password protected out the whaazooo!!!  And they also only get to play with them for 30 minutes a day.

Kindergarten Registration post is up next......YES, I did say kindergarten!!  YIKES!!!

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