Saturday, April 19, 2014

Party Post #2 of 3....

Here are the photos of the girls birthday party at Bounce U on Saturday, April 12th, 2014.  WARNING:  This is severe picture overload!!  I couldn't decide so I'm just adding them all!!
An attempt to get a couple of pictures before we left home.  The weather was so warm that day, that I went on a frantic search to try and find them some shorts.  They weren't part of my original outfit for them, but they would of sweat to death if they wore pants. 

Not the best photo, but I wanted a pic of them in front of the sign.

About half out kiddos....We had several show up late.  Left to right:  Cousin Georgia, Audrey (from school), Alexis, Cousin Oliver, Cousin Lila, Addison, Victoria (from school), Josie (from school), Isabella (a good friend of mines daughter)

Boxing with Grandma...

Alexis was really into this....Hysterical to watch!!

Addison with Cousin Greta
Cousin photo, left to right:  Addison, Alexis, Greta, Georgia, Amelia, Lila, Oliver

Second Attempt

Aunt Sanny (yes, I know I spelled that wrong...that's what they call her!) and the Peanut.

Aunt Sanny and my little sunshine!!

Wish this one was clearer....but love the smile on her face!!

Sliding fun!

Love this!!
We went with the frozen theme this year, of course.  I'm kinda bummed that I didn't take more photos of the cupcakes I did for the guest.  Actually, I should say my sister Paula did!  I just baked the cupcakes, she did all the decorating!!  Due to the popularity of the frozen items, I was unable to find many decorations.  Terry and I spent a ton of time hand making the cupcake they are pre-cupcakes....

We also had to create our own take home gifts.  I searched everywhere for Frozen gift bags.  I finally decided on these buckets, and we put stickers on all four sides.

Typical...Addison licks all the frozen off and Alexis shoves every crumb into her mouth.

We also had a Frozen are the kiddos diving in.

 Opening gifts...

We had three sets of multiples at their party....An attempt to get a photo of all of them.  Didn't work out so well!

Stay tuned for Part Three coming soon!!!

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