Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter 2014

Ok, I think this is my final Easter update.  Lots of photos to post.  Keeping with our usual Easter routine....we went to brunch with Terry's family at the Marriott.  As always, the food was incredible and my girls were perfect little angels.  I love that my kids can act civilized in grown-up situations.  Makes me proud when they point out other children who are misbehaving and acknowledge that they shouldn't and don't act like that. 

Almost immediately the girls spotted the Easter Bunny!

Not the best pic, but I wanted a photo of me with my girlies!

Cousin shot!
After brunch we went back to Linda & Greg's house for yet another egg hunt.  Because it was a warmer day, they didn't want to put the eggs out prior to brunch.  They left about 15 minutes before everyone else to hide eggs.  We distracted the kids out on the patio of the hotel.  I tried to get a few photos of the girls.
My poor Alexis has the same eye irritations that I do.  Rarely will you ever see me without sunglasses on in the daytime.  Both of us have eyes that are extremely sensitive to light.  I felt bad that I didn't bring her sunglasses.  You can tell in these photos....

Obviously a little windy.

Her dress was way more adorable than these photos display!

With cousin Lila!

Showing her balloon.  Love her!  She could of had any balloon animal made.  She chose to have a flower made for her Mommy!

Little peanute!

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