Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another big day!!

Above is Terry holding Addison for the first time.
Awwwww......So sweet!!!

They keep it so dark in the N.I.C.U. that some times it's hard to get a good picture. It seems like the color is always off a little.

Quite a bit happened today!! We found out that Alexis' PDA valve in her heart has resolved itself. Which is great news!!! Alexis is also now eating breast milk as well. To answer a question that we received yesterday from someone.....I am trying to pump milk for the girls, but due to the fact that the babies were born so prematurely, I'm having some issues producing. I am hoping that this issue resolves itself in due time. I've tried just about every wives tale in the book. If you know of any, I'm willing to try just about anything!

Addison continues to thrive and is eating more and more everyday. She is now up to six milliliters(ml) of milk every three hours. This may not seem like a lot, but in the past few days she has increased from 2 ml's every 6 hours.

Addison & her Daddy had a special day today. Terry got to hold her for the first time for about an hour and a half. (see pictures above) Alexis was a little fired up today and was having some issues with her c-pap so we didn't want to disturb the little princess once she finally calmed down.

Sorry for being so short tonight. We really are trying to get into some kind of routine and are trying to focus on sticking with it. Tomorrow is going to be a big day and I'm going to need a full nights sleep to accomplish everything on the "to do list". On tomorrow's agenda.......THE GIRLS GET THEIR FIRST BATH!!!! Stay tuned for lots of pictures & video I'm sure!!! (we finally got around to buying our video camera today, thanks to all the gift cards we received to Target)

By the way.... Is anyone else having issues uploading pictures and videos into blogspot?? I know that the videos take awhile, but recently I've been having issues with my pictures too. It's so frustrating!!!!


missdreampainter said...

love the kissing shot. as for milk, I read somewhere garlic increases production? don't know if that is true. and drinking lots of water.

Nicole said...

Did you try brewer's yeast? It is said that beer will increase milk production, but then you have to wait a long time to pump so there is no alcohol in the milk. Brewer's yeast is the NA alternative. I heard it is good sprinkled on potatoes.