Sunday, April 12, 2009

No more Easter!!

So, I think that I've decided that I'm officially done celebrating Easter. I will chose another day to celebrate the resurrection of Christ but for now I'm over Easter. Bad things always happen on Easter. My only Grandpa that I've ever really known had a pretty severe stroke on Easter many years ago. I'll never forget the look in his eyes while he was laying on the floor while my sisters and I were trying to figure out how to call for an ambulance in the country. Surprisingly enough....not everywhere in the world has 911. Two years ago on Easter I said my final good byes to my Grandpa as he was slowly making his way to heaven. Easter always stirs up bad memories for me.

Now onto today..... Here is my disclaimer....this is kind of gross so if you don't want to hear the full details I suggest you stop reading now...

I woke up this morning around 7:oo. Got up used the bathroom, checked my blood sugar, just typical stuff. Terry made me breakfast and I laid back down in bed. About 9:00 I felt this weird feeling in my stomach....almost like passing gas. Too much information I know, but in all fairness I did warn you. I sat up to go to the bathroom and gush....I thought I wet my pants. When I stood up it kept gushing down my legs. I made it to the bathroom and it still was coming out. For some strange reason it took me about 2 or 3 minutes to realize what the heck was going on. The feeling was not what I expected my water breaking to feel like. I grabbed my go to book(what to expect when you are expecting) and tried to look up water breaking. Surprisingly enough, there is nothing listed in the index under water breaking. Something told me I needed to call the doctor. I paged the on call doctor. Wait....wait....Phone rings....It's Dr. Cleary calling from church. I can hear the choir in the background. I explain to him what happens and he told me that I should meet him at the hospital. Terry and I run around the house for a few minutes and off we go to the hospital. The whole entire time fluid is still leaking out. (see disclaimer before you make that disgusted face!) We get to the hospital, sign some forms (which I don't think is appropriate to have you sign legal documents when you are in the middle of freaking out but whatever) and I'm wheeled into a triage room. IV placed, cultures taken to make sure my water did break, Beta Strep test performed (that sucks!), and so many other things that I don't even remember.

About noonish, I'm wheeled into a high risk pregnancy room. I was given a steroid shot to help develop the babies lungs in the event that they do need to be delivered. Contractions have been varying anywhere from 4 minutes to 12 minutes apart. I've been given two different medications to try and stop the contractions both seem to work well until it wears off.

At this point we are just playing the waiting game. I'm not dilated at all, but due to the fact that my water has ruptured, I'm not going anywhere until these babies are born. No one knows when this could be. Dr. Cleary said that sometimes it's two days and sometimes it's six weeks. Now we wait and pray!!!

I do have my laptop in the room here with me. I will continue to post updates as long as them will let me. Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!! This will definitely be another Easter I will never forget!!

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Brenda said...

you guys are in our thoughts and prayers!! Keep us updated on what is going on!!