Thursday, April 16, 2009

Today's been a good day...

Both girls are having a good day today. They keep warning us that it will be a major roller coaster ride for the next few months.

Alexis is already known in the NICU as the "one with the attitude". I wonder where she gets that from???? She always wants to be involved. She likes to hang onto & pull on all her cords. Yesterday she pee'd all over me when they let me change her diaper. I was so excited to do it because we are barely allowed to touch the girls and holding them is totally out of the question. This afternoon around 3:00pm Alexis had her breathing tube removed. She is now on cpap. We pray she continues breathing mainly on her own. She looked very relaxed and calm all day.

Addison is a fighter. She also looked so calm & peaceful all day today. She had her first blood transfusion this morning & is doing well. We take things hour by hour with her. All we can do is continue to pray that the bleeding in her brain subsides on its own. I also got to change her diaper today. She's not nearly as feisty as Alexis but she definitely has some Irish blood in her.

I'm writing this blog post from home tonight which is kinda bittersweet. I felt bad leaving my girls but I was also starting to go stir crazy in my room. I will be calling to get an update on both girls shortly. Hopefully, I will actually be able to get some sleep tonight in my own bed?

We've been noticing that all the babies in the NICU have their own personalized space. Whether it's a stuffed animal on the nurses area, balloons, signs etc. most of the babies have something. I've been feeling bad because our girls are listed as Baby Girl Smith 1 and Baby Girl Smith 2 on their tags and don't have any personalized items. My Mom brought them pink Easter bunnies to put on the nurses station area. Today my sister sent us some balloons & a cute picture frame. I'm working on getting them personalized name tags for their incubators but tonight we are going to work on their covers. The outside of their cubes are usually covered. My Mom bought some fabric so we can make their own fleece covers as well as liners for their incubators. Terry's about to grill us some dinner and then we are going to make their covers. While I hate the fact that they aren't here with us, I want to try and personalize their NICU stay as much as I can. (I know that probably doesn't make sense, but I don't really know how else to explain it)

We still ask for your continued prayers. Please forward our prayer request to anyone who is willing to say a prayer for our little angels! We can never have too many people looking out for us!! At this point prayer is all we have. We continue to put our trust in the Lord knowing he will guide us during this process. We love you all!


Laura said...

Prayers are being sent by everyone who knows us! I've shared this sight with my family as they are all concerned and rootin' for the little angels! Thanks for keeping us updated, I'm sure it's difficult. Our love, Auntie and Uncle
Peace xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Brenda said...

Are they going to allow you guys to do Kangaroo Care with the girls? You all are still in our prayers!!

Anonymous said...

Hey the prayers are coming your way! Decorate how ever you guys want that is your home for awhile. Make it a happier place.