Saturday, April 18, 2009

Two Angel's Baptisms....

Not much medical news on the girls to report today. Everything is just about the same as yesterday. We had the girls baptised today. A chaplain from the hospital came and performed the "ceremony". The above pictures are of the little bibles & the cards that Grandma & Grandpa Zehner got them for their special day.
Since the girls are still considered in "critical care" the hospital wouldn't let actual "holy water" be used. The nurses provided sterile water from the NICU and the chaplain blessed the water. The sea shells shown in the above picture were used to hold the water. The original plan was to use the sea shells to pour the water onto the girls but the nurses weren't having any part of that. The chaplain, with his shaky hands, dabbed a little bit of water onto both girls in the shape of a cross. My Mom poured the remaining water from both shells onto Terry & I.... half of the water from Addison's shell onto me & the other half onto Terry....and the same for Alexis' shell.
I'm working on trying to figure out how to upload the video of the baptism onto youtube. Once I figure this out I will post a link.
I decided that unless something major happens tomorrow that I'm going to take the day off from blogging. I've been doing my best to keep my blog up to date because I know that we have people from around the world reading it and praying for our girls. Things are pretty stressful right now and I hope you all don't mind if I take a break for a day. Again, I can't tell you all how much we appreciate every ones continued support and prayers for our girls.


Paula said...

I love following your blog. Looking forward to more pictures. Continuing to pray for you and Terry and your new family.

Laura said...

God bless those little girls (and their Mom and Dad). Thanks for the updates and pictures. Enjoy your down time! More of our love and prayers - Aunt Laura and Uncle Paul
Julie says ditto! She and the kids are over here.