Thursday, April 23, 2009

WOW!!!! The only appropriate word!

The above picture is me holding Alexis.

Above picture is Mommy and Alexis

The above picture is Alexis with her eyes open. She had her eyes open for a good ten minutes this afternoon while I was holding Addison.

The above picture is me holding Addison for the first time.

Above picture is me with Addison again. (ignore the double chin, I just had two & a half babies 10 days ago!!!)

Ok, so I had this whole entire blog almost done for today that I started working on this morning but it's all going by the wayside because I GOT TO HOLD THE BABIES TODAY for the first time!!! While most woman get to hold their babies within seconds of delivery, I had to wait 10 days. It was more incredible than I could have ever imagined!! And to answer everyone's question.... YES, I did cry! I got to hold each girl for about an hour.

We've been taking small video clips of the girls, but I've been having trouble recently uploading them into my website. I can download them into youtube but not into my website?? Not sure what the issue is but I've attached the links to view them on youtube if you are interested. (this video is Alexis on 4-23-2009) (this video is Addison on 4-23-2009) (this video is Alexis just checking things out on 4-24-2009)


Paula said...


AWESOME! I'm so glad you got to hold the girls. All my co-workers and friends are always asking how my neices are doing. You have so many people praying for these babies that you do not even know. God is good! Continuing to pray for you all.

Aunt Paula

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you I had to cry a little when I saw the pics. Kangaroo care is the best feeling ever! We will be doing the March for Babies walk (March of Dimes) this weekend John and I will keep the girl in our thoughts and prayer as we do the walk this year.

God Bless!

missdreampainter said...

I'm so happy for you! I think all moms agree that moment is unreal, but to consider the fight your little angels have been going through I am sure it was even more magical for you as well as the girls. FYI, it took me 3 hours the other day to upload a 3 min video, you may need to upload and just let it do its thing for a few hours.

Courtney said...

They are soooo precious Janet! YAY for getting to hold them. What a special day!

Courtney (NewlywedAU-webmd)

Lisa said...

That is so exciting Janet!!! Your babies are so precious!

Brenda said...

That is sooo awesome!!! I am so happy for you!!!