Thursday, July 16, 2009

More GREAT news!!!

Just a real quick update as I have a ton of stuff that I need to accomplish while the girls are taking a quick nap (I.E. making bottles, washing bottles, laundry, refilling the clean diaper holder & wipes containers, emptying the diaper genies etc.)

Addison had a follow up head ultrasound this morning at the neurologist office. Thanks to a ton of help from Grandma Zehner....Terry was able to sleep, while I took Addison and she watched Alexis. To my surprise, the doctor said that Addison's head ultrasound looked normal. His exact words were "If I didn't know that she previously had a grade IV & grade V bleed on her brain, I never would have guessed it by looking at today's results." The blood and blood clots have completely diminished and she is doing great!! PRAISE GOD!!! We are ecstatic and hope that the good news continues. God definitely has been answering all our prayers one by one!!!

Sorry no pictures today. Terry and I were discussing this last night....that we need to take more pictures, but neither of us has the time. The girls are keeping us very busy, but we wouldn't change a second of it!! Next week we are having a professional photographer come by the house to take pictures, so stay tuned!!!

A big thanks to all the people who have brought us meals recently....Steve, Lisa & Ryan Earl, Greg & Linda Zehner (aka: Ga Ga & Pop Pop), Macy & Ryan Baxter, and Chelsea Bennett. We truly appreciate it!!! You wouldn't think that making dinner would be such a big deal, but lately we have been finding ourselves eating very late in the evenings just because of all the things we have going on with the kiddos. So a big thank you to everyone for helping us out!!!

We love reading your comments about our blog so please leave them!! Lately I'm starting to feel like I'm updating the blog for no reason so please comment so we know were not the only one reading this!!


Anonymous said...

That's great news about the ultrasound! We're happy to hear that things are going so well for you guys. Get some rest!
-Megan and Steve

missdreampainter said...

Keep in mind the blog is a great tool to remind yourself of when things happen. I can't remember when Kings did what and when unless I go back and look at the blog. Sad I know, but with everything else you have to worry about it is hard to keep one week straight from the next. Plus, I like to keep up with the latest and greatest about the girls:)

Kim Knight said...

Keep the blogs coming. I check daily for updates and then share the info and pictures with grandma. I am so glad the girls are doing so well. Congratulations!!

Amy Miller said...

I'll be checking in more often now that I have the link again! Glad to hear the ultrasound was good! God is so awesome!

Robin said...

I'm still reading!! Thanks for the continued info about your miracle babies. I am so happy that all is looking good with the ultrasound. What a blessing..!

Kevin B said...

Glad to hear all the good news! Give hugs and kisses from us!

Kevin and Heather