Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back to Work :-(

Yesterday morning was my first day back to work! So sad!! I'm very blessed to have had the ability to turn what was supposed to be a 8 week maternity leave into a 5 1/2 month leave. It was very hard to leave my girls, especially when Alexis was smiling & talking (babbling) to me like crazy. I have to say that I only cried 3 times yesterday. I was totally expecting it to be a lot more... One time before I left home, Once in the car while driving to work and once during the day when I called home to check in.

It was great to come home and have both girls give me a huge smile when they saw me, but I still would much rather be home with my kiddos than at work. Unfortunately, having two extra mouths to feed doesn't leave us with the financial ability for me to stay home. Oh well, things always work out for the best.

Hoping to have new pictures up this week!!

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