Monday, August 3, 2009


Many of you may remember from my previous blogs, my friend Jody. If I didn't know better, I would think that Jody and I were twins seperated at birth. Our infertility issues were similar as well as were our complications during pregnancy. Jody delivered the first of her boys (David) the morning of May 16th & the other little dude (Derek) on May 19th. I just got a phone call from Jody this afternoon that Derek will be coming home this Friday!!! This is great news!!! While bitter sweet that Jody and her hubby John live over two hours from the hospital and they are leaving Derek behind, I'm so happy for them to be bringing their little guy home!!!

David continues to have some issues with his breathing and is going to have surgery for a hernia sometime this week. So, I ask you all to pray that little David continues to grow strong so he can also join the rest of his family at home!!

I read something yesterday that kind of put some clarity to our whole NICU journey. I'm not sure exactly what I was reading but it put some things into perspective for me. Terry and I have become very humbled by the fact that God chose us as parents to raise these two beautiful little girls. God chose us to deal with preemie babies. God chose us deal with whatever difficulties our girls may have in the future as a result of being born premature. No longer do I look at things as...."Why the hell did this happen to us", but more as a gift. In all things God has a plan, a reason for all. We need to literally stop and ponder these things and have quiet time with God and ask Him to tell us what we are to learn from His gift. God allowed this to happen to us. Is it some charachter defect that he wants us to be perfect? Maybe someone else is watching how we handle these things? Maybe God is hoping, praying that we'll just stop for a moment and call on Him for help?

While there were many nights that I layed awake cursing God for what he had done... There is a reason why He chose myself, Terry, Jody and John to raise these little miracles. I know now that He knew all along exactly what he was doing. He knew that we were strong enough to handle it!!! He knew it would make us better people!!! He knew when I didn't. He always does!!

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