Saturday, August 29, 2009

Weekend Pictures

This weekend we enjoyed a cookout at Grandma & Pop Pop Zehner's house in honor of Terry's birthday last weekend. Here are a few pictures...

The above pictures are me, Alexis & Clifford. Alexis didn't really enjoy sitting on Clifford but I thought it would make a cute picture.

The above picture is our niece Georgia. Alexis on the left & Addison on the right. This was her first time meeting the girls. She loved them and I think the feeling was mutual. Both girls sat with her for several minutes before getting restless.

Above is our sister in law (Terry's brother's wife) Veronica and Addison.

The above picture is Terry's mom, Linda (aka Ga Ga) with Sleepy Alexis.

Above is Alexis & our Nephew Oliver. This was also Oli's first time really meeting the girls. He didn't really seem to care much about the babies.

Above is Terry & Alexis sitting on the dinning room table.

The above three photos are Alexis. Yes, if you are wondering....that is a Christmas tree in the background. Yes, my In-laws have their Christmas tree up still. For whatever reason, they just never take it down. It's kind of just become a joke around the family.

The above picture is Addison...Who by the way is now rolling over. I totally forgot to blog about that!! Yesterday for the first time, she rolled over by herself unassisted. She did this twice while Terry ran out to grab dinner and then she did it again to show Daddy when he got home.

This last picture is also of Miss Addison. It was taken yesterday evening. Any one who knows me fairly well, knows that I'm a huge Disney fanatic, specifically Mickey & Minnie Mouse. These onesies (which also have adorable matching pants) were a gift from my Aunt Theresa.

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