Friday, September 11, 2009

Looking for Advice???

Ok, so I always had heard and read that Pampers diapers were the best.  They were the best for sensitive skin.  They were the most absorbent and generally all around the best diaper.  We have always used Pampers Swaddlers because that's what they used in the hospital.  They told us that because the girl's skin was so sensitive that we should continue using them once we got home.  Addison has been in a size 1 diaper for a few weeks now.  Alexis can still wear a newborn diaper but probably should be in a size 1.  We have about 20 or so newborn diapers left so, she still wears them during the day and wears a size 1 at night.  We are just trying to deplete the newborn diapers before officially switching her over. 

Anyway here is my dilemma..... Both girls are generally sleeping throughout the entire night!!  We are so lucky I know!!  Alexis is eating between 6-8 ounces before going to bed and Addison around 6 or so.  This morning when I got Alexis out of her crib she was soaking wet!  Her diaper weighed like 5 pounds and her sleeper was covered in pee.  Her sheets in her crib were also soaked with pee.  Yes, we changed her right before putting her down for bed.  This seems to be happening ALOT with both girls.  Anyone have any suggestions of a more absorbent diaper to use at night that isn't going to be huge on them??  Thank you in advance for any and all suggestions!! 


Anonymous said...

My name is Pattie and I work in Pampers Consumer Care. Although it's wonderful to hear that your babies are sleeping through the night, I'm sorry to hear about the leaks. At this time, we don't offer an overnight diaper in a smaller size. However, I would try the Pampers Swaddlers size 2 at night. Swaddlers have overlapping tabs for a snug yet comfortable fit. I hope this helps.

Elizabeth said...

Hey woman! We LOVE Pampers. I have tried other brands but always come back to pampers. When my girls were in newborn and starting leaking I moved them up and don't have a problem. I think you should just go ahead and put Alexis in size 1 diapers at least at night. We are still in size 1 and have no problems.

Robin said...

You can also buy these things in the diaper aisle called diaper doubles. They almost look like maxi pads. You put them in the diaper and they make them super extra absorbant. I used to use them when my daughter was a baby and this happened. It seemed to only happen when she was between sizes.

Wow, did that Pampers lady's comment freak you out? It's like they're listening!

Anonymous said...

I hope my comments didn't freak anyone out--just trying to help :)(Pattie-Pampers Consumer Care)