Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I know I say this with every monthly post....but how is it possible that my girls are nine months old already? Seems like just yesterday that we were bringing them home with us, and now I'm already starting to plan their first birthday party. How is this possible? The girls seem to have really developed A LOT in the last month. Here is the latest and the greatest:


Don't have a current weight since we haven't been to the doctor in awhile (YEAH!), but she is getting very tall.

Now wearing all 6 month clothing.

Size 2 diapers

Loves Prunes

Has two teeth

Is very independent and is generally happy just laying on the floor playing with whatever toys are around. She loves music, which I think that she gets that from her father.

LOVES to terrorize our cat, Jynxie. Addison smiles and laughs every time Jynx walks by her. She will then proceed to chase her until Jynx gives up and lets her pull a clump full of hair.

Has the sweetest little laugh that you ever heard, but easily gets the hiccups after laughing too hard. They seem to last a long time and almost seems like they hurt her at times.

She was the first to master crawling and is QUICK! If you don't close the gate, she will be at your feet in 30 seconds or less. She also loves to pull up on the couch and stand.


Again, no current weight. She's not as tall as her sister but she is definitely very solid and is the heavier of the two.

Now wearing all 6 month clothing

Size 2 diapers, except at night she wears a size 3 for extra absorbency. This girl pees like SeaBiscuit some times! (TMI, I know!)

Doesn't really have a favorite food that I know of, because she will eat anything that you put in her mouth. She loves food! I think she gets that from her Dad also!

No teeth yet, but seriously chews on EVERYTHING! We are thinking any day now.

Likes to be involved in everything. She doesn't play as independently as Addison. She likes to be up in everyone business. If Addison is playing with a toy, she will crawl over and start playing with it too.

Alexis is LOUD! She loves to chat and have conversations, but she is LOUD! Some times I feel like she does this on purpose so she is the center of attention. It's cute, but sometimes we have to tell her to use her "inside voice". She thinks that is funny. When she laughs it melts my heart as she has the most delicate laugh, despite being so loud with everything else.

Lex was the first to master pulling up and standing. She's a gutsy girl! She stands up holding onto the couch and will walk back and forth from one end to the other. She has NO fear! Terry has even caught her using her toys as a step stool to try and climb up onto the couch. I joke about trying to find little tiny baby helmets for the girls to wear since they are constantly falling down.

I think that's all our stats for this month. We continue to be amazed at our girls progression. Every day that we share with them is definitely full of chaos and excitement but we wouldn't change a minute of it for anything!

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Robin said...

Wow! Time really does fly. I can't believe my peanut will be 5 soon!

Both girls sound like they are really doing great. It is seriously amazing how much they have caught up so quickly!