Monday, January 4, 2010


Saturday evening while playing with the girls, Addison did her usual grab one of my fingers and stick it in her mouth to chew on it. Both girls have been doing this for awhile now. As long as I'm sure my hands are clean, I let them do it. Yes, we are super germ-a-phobs around our house! If my hands aren't clean I try to recommend another toy for chewing. So, Addison chomped down on my finger and frickin' ouch!! The little bitter has a tooth!! I couldn't believe it! This totally explains her mega attitude the last week, which I had chalked up to her being overly stressed from the holiday festivities. I feel awful now, not realizing that a sharp object was slicing through her gums causing her indescribable amounts of pain. Baby tylenol seems to have helped her pain issues since I realized what was happening.

Terry again continues to laugh at me when I cry at major milestones. He knows that we are blessed to experience these, but he thinks my emotional issues may be a little out of control. I just can't help be affected by all of the things that she does, especially since we were originally told that she would never make it out of the hospital. She has defied all the odds and for this we are eternally grateful!!

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