Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Here are the 15 month stats of the girls....


*Weighs 18 pounds 12 ounces & is 29 inches long.

*Wears 9 month clothes.  Some 6-12 months, but a lot of Carters Size 9 months.

*Now wears Size 4 diapers....we've officially switched to Costco's Kirkland's brand (thanks Jody for the recommendation) after a diaper burn from the new "dry max" version of Pampers Cruisers.

*Still holding strong with only 6 teeth.

*Will eat just about anything.  Not a huge fan of carrots.

*Babbles A LOT but is frequent in saying....DaDa, MaMa, Ball, Cat, Yuck, Hi, Bye (the pediatrician said that they should have a 6-10 word vocabulary at this point)

*Waves, Likes patty cake, gives fives, Loves anything to do with any type of ball, Loves to hug and love on any stuffed animal.  Also is a huge fan of her Little People toys.  Can show you 1 finger to tell you that she is 1 year old.  Is working on "so big".

*Is definitely the dominant of the two.  She rules the roost.  She is always stealing Addison's toys, but also loves to try to kiss & hug her sissy.  Addison has not yet been receptive of her affection because Alexis is a little rough. 


*Weighs 17 pounds 4 ounces & is 29 1/4 inches tall.

*Wears 9 month clothes.  Mostly Carters 9 month size.

*Wears Size 3 diapers.  She has a skinnier tushy.  Also has switched to Costco brand diapers after a pretty severe diaper rash from Pampers Brand with dry max.

*Has 8 teeth.

*Will eat almost anything.  Also not a fan of carrots.  She seems to be a little pickier than Alexis but will eat just about anything we give her.

*Will say just about anything you tell her to.  Her most frequent words are... Da Da, Hi, Bye, Cat, Ball, Yuck, Ouch, Set (as in ready, set, go), Nice (We are always telling them to be nice to the cat.  I think she thinks the cats name is "nice")

*Waves, pro patty caker, gives fives, likes to play peek a boo by covering her eyes with her hands, does "so big", can show you where her nose is and where your nose is, shows you 1 finger to indicate her age, Loves the "head, shoulders, knees and toes" song, but only if you play along and touch each of her body parts while you sing it.  Loves her Little People toys and her play cell phones.  (She actually holds the phone up to her ear & says hi)

We did get the ok from the doctor to switch the girls over to cow's milk!  YEAH!  We are waiting until the weekend to incorporate our changes since it will also involve adding another full meal and eliminating a bottle from the girls routine.  We find that it is easier to make schedule changes on the weekends when there are two people around to help manage any crabbiness that goes along with changing things up.  We did have a long discussion with the pediatrician in regards to regular milk versus organic milk.  I was very surprised by her answers and the information that she provided us.  Just curious....what's your opinion on organic milk??

We were also hoping that the girls would have weighed enough to upgrade them into their bigger car seats.  They only have a few more pounds to go before we can do this.  They will still continue to ride backwards for the time being. 

All and all the appointment with the doctor for their 15 month check ups went fairly well.  There are a few issues that I would rather not discuss at this time.  Nothing serious, but I'm not up for having a debate with anyone right now about these issues.  I will keep you up to date as more information regarding the situation becomes available. 


Courtney said...

Great update!! I love reading your blog to see what the girls are up to so that I can get a preview of what Henry might be doing in a few months. I can't believe they are saying that many words!! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :). It really doesn't seem like that long ago. What little people toys are a hit? or any toys in general? We have family asking what henry wants for his birthday so I'm trying to get ideas!

Robin said...

Great news!! It sounds like both girls are doing great.

As far as organic milk.. we did it for a while and then we switched back to regular whole milk (Alli still drinks this because she's on a high fat diet-lucky her). Go with your gut. I always feel like organic is great but that regular isn't so bad either. We try and do organic produce but other stuff we just usually get whatever.

They are doing great with their words, also! Go Alexis and Addison!

Courtney said...

Great ideas!! Yay I can't wait for some new toys...he is getting a little bored. And yes lol I don't think Shaun would appreciate him playing with anything girly. I'm having a hard time even convincing him to let Henry have a very boy looking kitchen. Our theme is rubber ducky!! I'm excited but nervous at the same time because I've never thrown such a big party!