Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Gym!

Last Saturday the girls had their first trial tumbling/gymnastics class at My Gym.  All I can say is that this place is great and the girls had a fantastic time.  They will definitely be going back.  See the below pictures.  (And yes, I am aware of how many germs float through a ball pit.  If I hadn't just seen them dump new, sanitized balls into the pit the girls wouldn't be playing in it.) 
If you don't know by now....Alexis is the dark hair and Addison is the blonde hair.


Robin said...

I always wanted to do MyGym with Allison but they hadn't started one near us until after I knew she wouldnt want to do it. We did Gymboree when she was little and she loved it. Those classes are worth every penny!

missdreampainter said...

so much fun, love the pics

joven said...

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