Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We survived!

Yes, it's official we survived the girls first illness at home.  Not really something to be excited about, but we are so glad that it's over and that they are feeling better!  Addison was so pitiful and would just crawl up in my lap, lay her head on my chest and say "ouch" in this sad little voice.  It broke my heart to see her in pain and not be able to fix it.  The bug didn't slow down Alexis much, but she also had her share of pitifulness (is that a word?) as well.  I literally felt helpless not knowing exactly what was hurting them.  I can't wait until they can actually vocalize exactly what hurts. 

Saturday evening, we put the girls to bed at their usual time.  They both were mega crabby and were fighting everything.  They were super wiggle worms while trying to change their diapers and put on their p.j.'s.  They were just 100% irritable.  We gave them their bottles, a dose of Motrin, an extra hug and kiss and put them in their cribs.  About five minutes later Alexis starts screaming, like a scream I've never heard before.  We usually can tell the difference between a "dirty diaper cry" a "I don't want to go to sleep cry" and all the other random cries that each girl has.  This was a cry that made Terry and I both run upstairs pretty quickly.  Alexis had hurled, not thrown up, but literally hurled all over her crib.  She was covered in vomit pretty much from head to toe.  Her sheets were covered and it was a nasty mess.  Of course, We had just given the girls a bath about 30 minutes prior, so back to the tub she went.  And also it would figure that we had just changed the sheets on the girl's beds and her extra set of sheets were in the washing machine.  Luckily, we did manage to find a random crib sheet that someone had given us in the girls closet.  Terry gagged his way through cleaning up the crib while I also tried not to vomit while giving Alexis another bath.  The whole time Addison was standing up in her crib trying to figure out what was going on and why she wasn't being included in the chaos. 

Once we finally get the mess and Alexis cleaned up, we tried again to put the girls to bed.  Apparently they had other plans.  They spent the next hour and a half fighting going to bed.  Terry and I took turns trying to rock two very cranky girls to sleep.  It really made me thankful that our girls usually do not fight bed time and are generally very good sleepers! 

We are very glad that this bug is out of our house and our perky little girls are back to their cheerful ways.  I'm hoping that we stay germ free for a long time!


Courtney said...

Glad y'all survived!! two sick babies at once. wow. And the vomit...oh yuck. I can't imagine how sad that is going to be when Henry does that for the first time. Glad everyone is well again!

Emily said...

Janet, I'm glad you're about at the light at the end of the tunnel. I get absolutely crazy when my girls are sick. I think I end up more miserable than them sometimes because I worry myself sick! I pray that everyone returns to their normal, healthy selves very soon (Oh - and in a previous post you had asked about organic vs. regular milk. Mine said regular is fine as long as it says "no artificial hormones added." What did your ped say?).