Thursday, August 16, 2012

Another trip to the ZOO....

This past weekend we had a nice break from the 100 degree plus temperatures.  We decided to once again take advantage of our zoo membership and take the girls to see their favorite animals.  I just love watching their faces as they experience new things.  It's incredible to see their little minds at work.  Here are a few pictures:

Addison looking at the flamingos.  In her words..."I can stand on one leg like the pink meangos".

The zoo just finished adding a new bird exhibit.  My little parrot heads thought this was fun.  Alexis was not at all impressed with the birds flying so closely around her.  She was convinced one was going to poop on her pony tail.

The zoo also recently added a Dora exhibit.  Complete with a 15 minute 4-D movie.  This was interesting with the girls.  Addison was pretty impressed.  Alexis was not loving it!  She kept saying "Swiper's gonna get me".  In retrospect, I can understand her apprehension.  The 4-D effects did make it appear as if the characters were right in front of you.

Addison with her 4-D glasses.  Waiting for Dora to start.

Alexis waiting for the movie.  A little unsure of why she is wearing silly glasses.

The girls were in love with the giraffes.  Later in the evening, they were pretending to be giraffes and walking around with their necks all stretched out. 

And of course, a trip to the zoo wouldn't be complete without a carousel ride.  Always fun to listen to my kiddos as they stand in line contemplating which animal they want to ride.  This time Alexis picked the seahorse and Addison picked the rhinno.  I wonder if one of my girls will eventually work in a profession dealing with animals?  They both love all animals (except bugs) so much!

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