Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Little Helpers?

Every task that needs completed in our home is always supervised by two little helpers.  This past evening was no exception.  Our family room bodes 18 foot ceilings which I love....except for when it comes time to change a light bulb or a smoke detector battery.  The girls helped by holding the ladder while the bulbs were changed.  Then of course they needed to try out the ladder themselves. 

Side note:  Before you send me hate mail or leave negative comments....I was standing right beside that ladder in the event they should fall.  And no, I don't typically let my kids play on ladders, but we have really been focusing on family team work, everyone helping, and taking turns lately.  This was no exception.  The girls took turns on the ladder while the other one held it for them.  (You can see Addison holding the ladder for Alexis in the bottom photo)  I believe that every task, even the most monotonous, can be turned into some form of learning/training experience.

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Cece said...

Would you seriously get hate mail over letting kids climb a ladder? Geez. My kids are also huge into helping. And starting early is the key. Aaron helped a friend install hardwood flooring this weekend, and I bought the kids by as he was cleaning up. They were super excited to help, and the other couple was blown away by it. She said , my 8 year old is 'over' helping. Over helping!? What does that even mean? Then her husband chimed in that it was too hard to him to deal with his kids and making them help.

BS. My kids will help. Yes, it takes me longer. And yes, maybe carrying wood with a nail in it isn't 100% safe. But I'm teaching them to be careful, helpful and usually some sort of useful life skill.