Thursday, August 30, 2012

Our newest family member...

No No!!  It's not what you think.!!! 

After attending a few recent parties, we decided the girls needed a new friend.  Meet our newest family member....Crabbie Crab.

"Crabbie Crab" (appropriately named by the girls) joined our family about two weeks ago. 

As I previously have mentioned, we recently went to several parties where the girls would not leave the sandbox or the sand/water table.  Terry and I had previously discussed getting the girls a sand box but because I'm a neat freak, and hate my kids to be dirty it kind of got pushed onto the back burner.  (Yes, I know they are kids and they can be cleaned.)

After the most recent party....I caved!  I went online in search for the perfect sandbox.  I was looking for something besides the typical green turtle box that everyone has.  That's when I met and fell in love with the Crabbie Sandbox!  Crabbie is a Step Two product.  We have several Step Two products in our household and they have never disappointed.  Crabbie is no exception.

One of my favorite things about Crabbie is the built-in claw seats.  The girls call them "pincher's"....while making a pinching motion with their hands.  These seats allow my kiddos to play in the sand box without actually sitting in it.  I also love that Crabbie is slightly bigger than the "turtle", giving extra room for my duo to play. 
(stock photo taken from website)

The girls were in love with Crabbie immediately and played in the sand until almost dark. 

I hate to admit it....but I never realize that my kiddos need hair cuts until I look at them in photos.
Addison has since gotten a hair cut.  Although the humidity that day is partially to blame.

Love watching them play together!

NOTE:  This was a paid promotional posting.  While my story is true and the history behind Crabbie joining our family is factual....I was compensated for this blog posting.  My feelings and love for Crabbie are authentic and my opinions were not weighted due to receiving compensation.

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