Monday, September 24, 2012

Long over due post....BIG GIRL BEDS!

I'm a little behind on writing this post.  I started it a month ago, and some how it never got completed?? 

On August 25th, we decided that it was time to make the transition from cribs to big girl beds. 

About this time a year ago, the girls started climbing out of their cribs.  At that time "WE" weren't ready to make the switch over to toddler beds.  Terry and I weren't ready for it and the girls maturity level was definitely not ready as well. 

We decided that we would invest in purchasing the oh so controversial....crib tents.  I did a lot of research on these and decided that despite the recalls and warnings it was worth a shot.  These crib tents were definitely worth every penny and I wouldn't hesitate recommending them to any parent!!!  Sadly, I never took a picture of the girl's beds with the crib tents installed. Although, I do have this cute picture with Addison and our cat Jynxie in our hallway after removing it from her bed.

Anyway, after having the crib tents on their beds for about a year, the girls became little Houdini's and figured out how to manipulate the zipper and open them to get out.  It really did become a safety issue having them climbing in and out of their beds.  I made the executive decision that the cribs needed to be switched to toddler beds ASAP.

I got the conversion kits from the basement and started taking things apart.  The directions indicated this process should take 45 minutes.  According to my calculations 45 minutes X two cribs = an hour and a half.  Right?  Not so much.

Luckily Terry had returned home just in time to help!  The below picture shows how far I got.  Not far at all!  I managed to take apart Alexis's crib tent and started cleaning off her bed.  Keep in mind, I'm also trying to keep an eye on two kiddos at the same time.

And Yes, that is a dark brown blanket over their window.  Call it white trash....I don't care!  The girls won't sleep unless it is dark in their room.  I've tried everything and this is the only thing that works!


After Daddy was called in for reinforcement, I began the discussion of prepping the kiddos for their new big girl beds.  Every time I said the words "big girl beds", I was reminded of this blog post  CLICK HERE

Remember this photo??? 
From May of 2009 when the girls were moved out of isolation and into "big girl beds".

During my attempts to hype up the girls about what was going to happen, Addison kept asking if she was going to have a tent.  She was very concerned that she needed a tent on her bed.  I had an idea.  
I remembered being at a friends house and their daughter had a tent on her bed.  I made a quick phone call to find out where they bought it and off to the store we went.

The girls had a choice between princess tents, Toy Story tents and Hello Kitty tents.  To my surprise, they both chose princess tents.  It probably would of worked out a little better if I had read the box and known that the tents were for a twin bed....not a toddler bed.

Luckily, Terry was able to improvise and make the tents work.

5 hours later (not 90 minutes), the girls had new toddler beds.  Neither of them were impressed at all.  In fact, quite the opposite!!

The first night was pure hell!  It took almost 3 hours to convince them that they were big girls and that this was going to be their new normal.  Luckily, when I took the girls to the store to purchase their tents, I also picked up a bottle of wine.  No joke!  

After about a week, the girls were pretty well adjusted to their new beds. 

Now a month later.....the girls LOVE their princess tents and LOVE their big girl beds.  They want to show everyone that comes to our house their big girl beds.

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