Friday, September 14, 2012

Tractor Rides...

I distinctly remember growing up and visiting my grandparents house.  In my adolescent mind, they lived in the middle of no where on a farm.  It always felt like it took an eternity to get there.  One of my favorite parts was getting to ride on my Grandfather's tractor.  Sadly, my children will never know my Grandfather but their own Grandpa apparently gives pretty good tractor rides as well.  Albeit, it's not a large orange farm tractor....but they are always excited to get a ride.  I'm not sure who enjoys it kiddos or Grandpa?  You decide!!

Addison and her Grandpa.  So excited to be driving "by herself".

I'm not sure why I don't have a picture of Alexis? I think I might have been using this distraction time to unload the car.  Who knows?

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Unknown said...

I can’t seem to decide who enjoys it more, but I bet your kids, like you, will forever treasure those fun memories of riding a tractor with their grandpa as long as they live. :D Nothing beats having to turn a vehicle’s steering wheel, while safely snuggled and riding with grandpa.

Bernadine Koster