Friday, September 28, 2012


Since the girls have started school, their coloring and drawing skills have dramatically improved.  They love to practice writing the "letter of the week" and "staying in the lines" when they color.

Last night Addison grabbed her magna-doodle and said she was going to draw.  After several minutes I hear...."look Mommy I draw you and your big hear-dings (earrings)."

Once again, a few minutes later she brings her magna-doodle to me and says...."This is Daddy because he has no hair and always sticks his tongue out at me". 

Daddy was less than impressed as he is obviously a little self-conscious about his thinning hair.  He also wasn't amused that Addison ratted him out for teaching them to stick out their tongues at people.

Have I mentioned how much I love these kiddos??  :-)

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