Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Child Labor????

I love that my girls LOVE to help.  Everyday they are becoming more and more independent.  This past weekend one of the things on our agenda was cleaning up the girls room and finding a new room darkening curtain for their window. (I neglected to photograph the super cute curtain I found)  This process included picking up all the toys, re-organizing the books and getting rid of the baby books, some baby toys, changing the sheets, vacuuming and just straightening up in general.  Their room was in desperate need of a cleaning, as it appeared a small tornado has recently blown through!

Alexis was adamant that she was going to do the vacuuming and Addison was going to "reorganize" all of their toys.  Surprisingly, I didn't have to do much.  I was able to clean the entire upstairs bathroom while they cleaned their room.

These pictures are not the best but I wanted to capture this moment:

Alexis is actually fairly good at vacuuming.  She is strong and can actually push the sweeper.
Addison struggled a little bit but managed to help a little.

Both of the girlies were completely mesmerized by my little carpet cleaner, the spot bot!!  We had a mishap with some juice upstairs.  This thing works wonders.  They seriously didn't move for eight minutes watching this thing work it's magic.
I'm hoping the girls are as willing to help me next weekend when I attack the basement playroom.  If you don't hear from my in awhile....it's because I'm stuck in the basement trapped beneath piles and piles of toys and books!!!

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