Monday, July 8, 2013

We're back!!!

If you have noticed my brief blogging absence....well that was because we were on a mini vacation in St. Louis.  My family still lives there and since our original vacation plans this year fell through, we decided to make a week long trip out to see them.

Stay tuned throughout the next week.  I have tons of pictures and stories to tell.  My kiddos have become quite the travelers!  They really do amazingly well in the car.  They love seeing new places and experiencing new things.  But one thing is always for sure.....they love stopping at Cracker Barrell for lunch!!!  If you ask Alexis what her favorite meal is, she will respond with "ducklings".  Also known by us grow ups as dumplings.

They loved that they had little rockers just their size to relax in while we waited for our table!

Can't wait to document all the fun things we did on our trip!!

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