Monday, July 15, 2013

No cavities!!!

NO CAVITIES......Was music to my ears!!!!
 Because of the oxygen levels they received after birth,  the girls neonatal doctors always warned us to be careful with the girls gums and teeth.  Another successful trip to the dentist makes me very happy!
I was a little disappointed with the dental office this visit.  I specifically asked for the girls appointments to be back to 4:00 & 4:30, instead of at the same time.  I specified this numerous times when I scheduled the appointment.  Unfortunately, they didn't book them that way.  Luckily, Alexis was ok with going by herself and didn't even care that Mom wasn't right by her side.  She is growing up so quickly.  Addison is a little more reserved and takes awhile to warm up to people.  Addison didn't want me taking her picture during her appointment, but I was able to sneak one!!

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