Thursday, August 1, 2013

Saturday in the park....

Our July here in Indiana has been unusually cool.  I am loving it, and the girls are as well!  We've been spending a TON of time outside, having later than normal bedtimes, and just enjoying this amazing weather. 

This past Saturday (July 27th), we met a friend of mine and her daughter at one of our local state parks for a play-date.  None of us had been to the park before so we weren't sure exactly what to expect, but it definitely didn't disappoint.  Fort Harrison is a beautiful park and we can't wait to go back!

We all had a great time enjoying the beautiful day.  Surprisingly, my girls were asking to go to bed that evening around 6:30.  Around 7:00 we decided to head upstairs to read.  Both girls were passed out by 7:45 and I'm fairly certain it wasn't long after that I was asleep as well.   I love days like this!!!

The girls loved this slide!!!  They both probably went down it at least 30 times, if not more.
The only photo of the three of us that turned out somewhat decent.  Love these goofballs more than words can express!!!
For being such a tiny little thing, this girl is one strong cookie! 
An attempt to get a photo of all three girls in the tree.  Didn't work so well.  If you look really closely, you can see Bella behind Alexis.  Regardless, I got a cute photo of my girls and Bella's mommy got a cute photo of her from a different angle. 

And of course, a silly face photo!

This photo makes my heart smile. 
Can't wait to go back!!!

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