Friday, August 30, 2013

To the Moon and Back....

A little over a week ago now, the girls and I made a trip to the mall to hunt for a birthday present for Terry.  Looking back, this is probably where we picked up that nasty flu bug, but whatever.  After getting our shopping done, and having some Chick-Fil-A for dinner the girls wanted to play in the play area. 

Addison was obsessed with playing with this "rocket ship".  She kept saying she was going to the moon and back!  I honestly feel that this miracle from God is destined to do great things.  She may one day actually go the moon and back!!

Alexis said it was an airplane, not a rocket ship.  She took her turn "flying" the plane. 
Regardless, of whether it was a plane or a rocket ship.....This Momma loves both of you "to the moon and back"!!!

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