Thursday, August 15, 2013

State Fair Part two!

As promised here are the remaining photos from our State Fair visit...
Not sure when my girls got so big.  They loved riding the roller coaster.

They loved the bumble bee ride.

This photo of Addison is another one of my favs.  Those smiles made every penny we spent worth it.  (For those of you who have been, you know the fair is NOT cheap!!!)  I wouldn't trade these memories for anything!!

The girls also liked this dino ride.  They were giggling and waving everytime it came back around our way!  I wish I could bottle those giggles!!

Addison was pretty adamant about getting onto the blue pony.  Alexis just wanted a pony that had a flower on it.

Another "poke your head through board" (as the girls called them).  Alexis loves scooby-doo!
I'm not sure why, but this one made me have one of those "moments".  Seeing the three holes made me a little sad.  Remembering that we should be taking three kiddos to the fair, not two.  But it also made me thankful for my two beautiful, healthy little girls.  We saw too many handicapped children at the fair.  Despite my sadness for the baby we lost, I felt very fortunate for my healthy, four year old princesses!!

This year they added a special kiddie land ride area.  The girls were still about 2 inches too short to ride a lot of the rides but they didn't care all that much.

The girls were too short to go down the slide by themselves.  The above two pics are horrible photos of me, but you can see how much fun Addison is having in her smile.  Terry told me he could here her squeal as we were coming down.  Another one of those memories from the fair that I won't soon forget! 

Alexis didn't love the slide as much.  She didn't hate it, but she was just bummed that she couldn't go by herself.  She just kept saying "but I'm a big girl".  Sorry sweetie, you still need to grow a few more inches.

Alexis didn't love the boat so much.  She said it was a baby ride.

If you ask the girls what their favorite ride is, the will say the dizzy dragon (pictured above).  We were able to spin the dragon around ourselves.  I seriously wish I could of video taped the laughter from all three of us while riding. 

We opted to ride the tractor/tram back to our car.  The girls were starting to melt down and walking the distance we needed to travel just wasn't feasible.  Alexis layed down and almost instantly fell asleep.

The car ride home proved that they had so much fun that they wore themselves out. 
Definitely one of those days that I will never forget!!

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