Friday, January 16, 2009

The results are in....Well, Kind of anyway...

OK, so we had another ultrasound today. Both of the babies look great!!! Man, they have grown so much in the last month. We could see all their little fingers and little toes. So cute!!! But I'm kind of a little bummed that they didn't give me pictures this time.

Baby A was moving around like crazy and appears to be a GIRL!!!

Baby B was just hanging out and waving at us like last time. Unfortunately, Baby B did not want any part of showing us it's private areas!

So, we will try again in two weeks. We have another specialty ultrasound scheduled at the maternal fetal medicine place. These specialty ultrasounds are incredibly amazing. You can see every single bone in their bodies. It's very cool but also a little creepy at the same time. We should definitely know the sexes with that ultrasound.

Dates to remember.....
Specialty Ultrasound..... Tuesday, January 27th @ 11:00 EST
Next Ob Appointment...Thursday, February, 19th @ 1:00 EST

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