Monday, May 4, 2009

3 Weeks Old!!!

Yes, I know I said I was only going to post on Tuesday's and Saturday's. But, I think that instead of trying to make rules for myself to follow right now, I'm just going post whenever I feel like it. I will make every attempt to post at least twice a week, if not more.

So here is today's update...

Addison had her usual Monday brain scan this morning. The doctor explained to us that the bleeding in her brain has gotten a little bit worse. He said that the blood has started to clot more so they are thinking that it could potentially resolve on it's own. This would be great if it actually happens!! Originally the doctor told us that he would make a decision as to what he wanted to do in regards to draining the fluid today. He told us that he is going to be "cautiously optimistic" and doesn't want to do anything at this time. She will continue to be closely monitored by the neuro surgeon and we will repeat this process again next Monday. I feel bad but I don't have any new pictures of Addison to post today. :-(

Alexis was quiet as usual today. Her feedings are now up to 14ml every three hours. I also feel bad because I neglected to ask about their weights today. I will get an update tomorrow. But the big news with Alexis today.....Her Father got to hold her for the first time FINALLY!! He's such a proud Daddy! We both can wait for them to come home!!!!!

All the pictures on todays post are of Alexis. And NO I don't always wear a hat, as you can see from todays pictures. Terry on the other hand, pretty much always wears a hat.

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Robin said...

Congratulations on the tenatively optimistic news about Addison! I've been following your blog since your original ultrasounds. It's been so interesting to see how you are doing, and I wish the best for you and the girls!