Saturday, May 9, 2009

So sweet....

I didn't really plan on actually being a Mom this mothers day, but I'm continually reminded lately that God has other plans for our family. My day began with the sweetest gift from our favorite night nurse, Lisa. Lisa has been the best night nurse so far. Terry even comments that I sleep better when she is working because I know that the girls are getting the best care. This morning when I arrived to visit the girls, Liz (our favorite day nurse) told me that they couldn't wait until tomorrow to give me what Lisa had made last night. She handed me a kleenex and a card. They obviously already know me so well there.....the kleenex was definitely needed!!! Lisa had made me a card with the girls hand prints and pictures on it. She actually had arranged with the respiratory therapist to get pictures of Alexis without her c-pap and Addison without her nasal cannula. She also knew that I was upset about not getting the opportunity to get pictures taken of the girls at birth for their announcements. So, she made special arrangements with the doctors to allow them to wear clothes to be photographed. It was so sweet. It continues to amaze me how great everyone in the NICU has been. Below is a picture of the card she made for me. It didn't scan that well, but I stll wanted to post it. The poem says....

These are our hands....
Our hands will do,
A 1000 loving things with you.
And you will remember
When we are tall..
That once our hand's
Were just this small.
Happy Mother's Day!

We LOVE you!!
Addison Grace & Alexis Faith

They are going to allow us to bring in our own clothes tomorrow evening so the girls can be photographed for their one month pictures. After tomorrow I will decide which photos are the best for their announcements and I'm sure I will post the rest.

The girls have genuinely had a good week. Nothing major to report, but here is a quick update... Addison is currently weighing 1120 grams (yes, I still hate the metric change there!)which is about 2 pounds 7 1/2 ounces and she is eating 20ml very three hours. Alexis is currently weighing 1300 grams, which is 2 pounds 14 ounces. She has surpassed her sister in the eating area. She is now up to 22ml every 3 hours. Alexis is scheduled to have her picc line removed tomorrow.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day so I probably will not be posting. But we again ask you to pray that things go well on Monday. The girls will be 1 month old already and they have a whole round of tests scheduled for both of them. Both girls will be getting head ultrasounds so I will do my best to post Monday evening with all the results.

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